Section 192. Change Templates

192. Change Templates


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard


188 Set Your Blogger Profile

After you have a handle on how the mechanics of the Dashboard work, you might want to change your template to change the look of the site dramatically.

Configure a New Template

In the Template tab, you have only a few choices, but they are very powerful. At the top, you can select to pick an entirely new template. (You will do that in a moment.) You can add the Blogger NavBar , which gives you a way to search your blog and to link to other recently updated blogs . The main area of the page, though, enables you to see the HTML code that actually runs your Blogger page.

If you want to make changes to the HTML of the template, you canbut remember that if you do, it might stop working the way you expect.

Select Your New Link

Look through the selection of templates; and, when you find one you would like to change to, click on the Use This Template button.

As you are looking through the selection of templates, you can click on the View icon on the corner of each thumbnail if you want to see one in more detail.

Click on a New Template

When you select a new template and click on the Use This Template button, you will get a warning that any customizations will be lost. You haven't made any customizations to the template, so click OK on the warning.

192. Change Templates

Republish Your Blog

You can now view the site in a new window to see the new template you have applied.

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