Section 162. About Listing Items for Sale at Your Store

162. About Listing Items for Sale at Your Store


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Selling items through your store differs somewhat from selling them at regular auctions. In essence, you're selling at a traditional online site rather than at an auction. Here are the main differences between selling items on an eBay auction and selling items from your eBay store:

  • When you sell through your store, you use the Buy It Now feature Your items are not presented in an auction format but rather a traditional store format. Because you list the items for sale, you put a purchase price on them; when someone wants to buy, he buys the item without having to bid.

  • The items you list for sale at your store do not show up in eBay's normal browsing and searching However, eBay promotes the stores, so it sends traffic to them using other methods . And your store and items show up when people search through eBay stores.

  • In your eBay store, you can list items for longer times than you can in normal auctions You can list for 30, 60, or 90 days or select Good 'Til Canceled , which lets you renew the listing every 30 days.

  • You pay only $0.05 for each listing This is compared to a minimum of $0.30 in normal eBay auctions.

  • Items you list in your store use the categories you set up when you created your storefront For more information, see 161 Set Up an eBay Storek .

Even after you set up an eBay store, you can continue to sell items using normal eBay auctions in addition to selling on your eBay store. If you have some items you want to sell in the traditional auction way, you can continue to do so. You'll be charged the normal eBay auction fees, and your items will appear in the normal eBay auction listings. Those normal auctions also show up in your store so your store can be a mix of items you auction in the normal way and items available through your store and the Buy It Now approach.


Auctions you created before you opened your store do not appear in your store. Only auctions you create after your store opens appear in the store's listings, and they appear in eBay's browse and searches as well.

You list items for sale in your store in the same way you list items for sale in normal auctions. List an item by clicking the Sell button at the top of any eBay page. After verifying your seller and credit card information, select Sell in Store Inventory , click Continue , and then list the item as described in 128 About the eBay Sell Your Item Page .

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