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Java™ 2 Primer Plus
By Steven Haines, Steve Potts

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Appendix A.  Using Borland JBuilder

To obtain a trial copy of JBuilder, go to the Web page. Choose the "Enterprise Trial" by clicking it. Before you can perform the download, you will need to provide some information to Borland about yourself and your development plans. This information will include an email address. Borland will send you an email containing an attachment that you will need during installation.

After you provide this information, you will be taken to a page where you can download a zip file containing the installation files.

The email that you will receive will instruct you to copy the attached file to a directory on your computer. The exact location will vary by operating system, but the following lists some of them:

  • Windows 95/98 (single-user) C:\Windows

  • Windows 95/98 (multiuser) C:\Windows\Profiles\

  • Windows NT C:\WINNT\Profiles\

  • Windows 2000/XP C:\Documents and Settings\

  • Unix and Linux The home directory can vary. For example, it could be /user/ or /home/ (when you log in, you should be in your home directory).

Because Web sites change so often, it is not likely that the step-by-step procedures used in this chapter will be identical to the ones that you will use. The procedures will probably be similar enough to be of some value to you, however.


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