Chapter 8. Filtering Content and Enabling Game Services


About Content Filtering and Opening Ports

Block Access to Websites

Block Access to Internet Services

Set Up a Filter Schedule

Configure Port Forwarding and Port Triggering

You will find that your WiFi router has a number of features that allow you to control the Internet content available to users on your WiFi network. This control includes the blocking of specific Internet sites as well as access to specific Internet services such as instant messaging. Although blocking Internet access and filtering content is up to you in terms of the home network (particularly in terms of your popularity around the house), the WiFi router can also be configured so that users on the network (yes, I'm probably talking about your kids) can take advantage of online gaming without the gaming connection constituting a major security problem for the home network. In this chapter, we take a look at blocking access and services while still providing access to special services such as gaming options through port forwarding.

Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
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