Section 12. Change the Account Picture

12. Change the Account Picture


About Sharing a Windows XP Computer

Create a User Account

After a user account has been created, you can edit its various attributes, such as the account type and the account picture. The account picture is the picture used to represent the account on the Windows Welcome screen. The picture of the currently logged on user also appears on Start menu and in the User Accounts window.

A default picture (the chess pieces) is automatically selected when you create a new account. You can change the account picture to any of a number of pictures provided by Windows XP. You can also use your own digital pictures (from a digital camera or scanner) or any pictures you copy or download from the Web.

A user can change his user account picture whether the account is an administrative or limited account. Users with administrative accounts can also change the pictures for other user accounts (another good reason to only have one administrator account).

Change the Account Picture

Select a User Account

Assuming that you are using a Computer administrator's account: In the User Accounts window (select User Accounts in the Control Panel to access this window), click the user account for which you want to change the picture. The task list for the selected account opens.


Users with Limited accounts do not see the other user accounts installed on the computer when they click User Accounts in the Control Panel. Users with Limited accounts are taken directly to a specific user account task screen, which provides the user with the ability to create a password (or change the password) or change the account picture.

Select Change the Picture

Select the Change the picture task. A picture box opens, showing available pictures.

Select a New Picture

Scroll through the pictures in the list box. Click the picture you want to use for the currently selected account.


To use a digital picture that you have created with a digital camera or scanner or copied from the Web, click the Browse for more pictures option below the picture box. The Open dialog box appears. Browse to find the picture file on your computer's hard disk. When you have located the picture, select it and click the Open button. You are returned to the account's task list, and the new picture is shown as the account's picture.

Change the Picture

After selecting the picture you want to use, click the Change Picture button. You are returned to the account's task list, and the account picture is changed to your selection.

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