Comparing Worksheets Side by Side

Excel 2003 makes it easy for users to collaborate on Excel workbooks. For example, the Document Workspace feature allows users to access an Excel workbook on the Web. You may find that you need to compare an original worksheet with an updated or edited version of the worksheet. This can be done in the Excel window by comparing the two sheets side by side.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the workbooks that contain the sheets that you want to compare.

  2. From one of the worksheets that you want to compare, select Window , then Compare Side By Side (followed by the workbook's name ). The second workbook will appear in the Excel window (see Figure 3.2).

    Figure 3.2. Compare worksheets in the Excel window.


  3. By default, scrolling is synchronized between the two windows . Scroll in either worksheet to scroll in both.

  4. When you have finished comparing the worksheets, click the Close Side By Side button on the Compare Side by Side toolbar.

You will also work with other Excel enhancements as you work through the lessons in Part V of this book.

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