Working with Numbered Lists

graphics/numbering.gif Numbered lists are like bulleted lists, except they have sequential numbers instead of symbols. You can convert any paragraphs to a numbered list by selecting them and clicking the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar. Select the paragraphs again and click the Numbering button again to toggle the numbering off.

You can also create numbered lists with the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, the same as you did with bullets. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the paragraphs that you want to convert to a numbered list.

  2. Choose Format , and then select Bullets and Numbering .

  3. Click the Numbered tab on the dialog box. The numbered list styles appear (see Figure 8.7).

    Figure 8.7. Choose the numbering style you want or turn numbering off by choosing None.


  4. Click the number style you want for your list.

  5. (Optional) Change the Size and/or Color of the numbers.

  6. (Optional) If you want the list to start at a number other than 1, enter it into the Start At text box.

  7. Click OK .

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