Adding a WordArt Object

PowerPoint comes with an add-on program called WordArt (which is also available in other Office applications, such as Word and Excel) that can help you create graphical text effects. You can create text wrapped in a circle and text that has 3D effects and other special alignment options. To insert a WordArt object onto a slide, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Slide view, display the slide on which you want to place the WordArt object.

  2. graphics/wordart.gif Click the Insert menu, point at Picture , and then select WordArt (or select the WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar). The WordArt Gallery dialog box appears, showing many samples of WordArt types.

  3. Click the sample that best represents the WordArt type you want and click OK . The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears (see Figure 7.6).

    Figure 7.6. Enter the text, size, and font to be used into the Edit WordArt Text dialog box.


  4. Choose a font and size from the respective drop-down lists.

  5. Type the text you want to use into the Text box.

  6. Click OK . PowerPoint creates the WordArt text on your slide, as shown in Figure 7.7.

    Figure 7.7. The WordArt toolbar is available when your WordArt object is selected.


After you have created WordArt, you have access to the WordArt toolbar, shown in Figure 7.7. You can use it to modify your WordArt. Table 7.1 summarizes the toolbar's buttons .

Table 7.1. Buttons on the WordArt Toolbar

To Do This

Click This

Insert a new WordArt object


Edit the text, size, and font of the selected WordArt object


Change the style of the current WordArt object in the WordArt Gallery


Open a Format WordArt dialog box


Change the shape of the WordArt


Make all the letters the same height


Toggle between vertical and horizontal text orientation


Change the text alignment


Change the spacing between letters


You can rotate a WordArt object by dragging the rotation handle on the WordArt box. To edit the WordArt object, double-click it to display the WordArt toolbar and text entry box. Enter your changes and then click outside the WordArt object. You can move the object by dragging its border or resize it by dragging a handle.

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