Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter view shows thumbnails of the slides in your presentation. This enables you to view many if not all slides in the presentation at one time. Slide Sorter view provides the ideal environment for arranging slides in the appropriate order for your presentation. To rearrange slides in Slide Sorter view, perform the following steps:

  1. If necessary, switch to Slide Sorter view by selecting View and then choosing Slide Sorter .

  2. Place the mouse pointer on the slide you want to move.

  3. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the slide to a new position in the presentation. The mouse pointer becomes a small slide box.

  4. To position the slide, place the mouse before or after another slide in the presentation. A vertical line appears before or after the slide (see Figure 6.1).

    Figure 6.1. Drag a slide in the presentation to a new position.



    Destination Not in View? If you have more than just a few slides in your presentation, you might not be able to see the slide's final destination in the Slide Sorter. Don't worry; just drag the slide in the direction of the destination, and the Slide Sorter pane scrolls in that direction.

  5. Release the mouse button. PowerPoint places the slide into its new position and shifts the surrounding slides to make room for the inserted slide.

You can also copy a slide in Slide Sorter view as easily as you can move a slide. Simply hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the slide. When you release the mouse, PowerPoint inserts a copy of the selected slide into the presentation.

Although the Slides pane on the left side of the Normal view window does not provide as much workspace as the Slide Sorter, you can use the techniques discussed in this section to move or copy a slide. The Slides pane probably works best when you have only a few slides in the presentation. When you have a large number of slides, you might want to switch from the Normal view to the Slide Sorter view.

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