Previewing a Print Job

After you've finished a particular worksheet and want to send it to the printer, you might want to take a quick look at how the worksheet will look on the printed page. You will find that worksheets don't always print the way that they look on the screen.

graphics/printpreview.gif To preview a print job, select the File menu and then select Print Preview , or click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. Your workbook appears in the same format that it will be in when sent to the printer (see Figure 14.1).

Figure 14.1. By previewing the worksheet, you can determine which page layout attributes need adjusting.


From this view you can zoom in on any area of the preview by clicking it with the mouse pointer (which looks like a magnifying glass). Or use the Zoom button on the Print Preview toolbar.


Access Print Preview from Other Dialog Boxes The Page Setup and Print dialog boxes explained later in this lesson also include a Preview button, so you can check any last-minute changes you made in either dialog box without having to close the box first.

When you have finished previewing your worksheet, you can print the worksheet by clicking the Print button, or you can return to the worksheet by clicking Close .

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