Using Shortcut Menus

Using Shortcut Menus

A fast way to access commands that are related to a particular item on an Office document, such as selected text or a picture, is to right-click that item. This opens a shortcut menu that contains commands related to the particular item with which you are working.

For example, if you select a chart on an Excel worksheet, right-clicking the chart (see Figure 2.3) opens a shortcut menu with commands such as Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Figure 2.3. Shortcut menus provide quick access to application commands.


You will learn about shortcut menus as you work with the Office applications in the various parts of this book.

As you learned in Lesson 1, some items in your Office application documents are also marked with smart tags. Pointing at an item underscored with a dotted red line allows you to access the smart tag menu and access options related to that document item, such as a pasted item.

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