138. Change the Workspace View

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After you create slides in the Draw view, you might want to take a "bigger picture" look at your presentation. Impress provides different workspace views including the Outline, Slides, and Notes views.

The Outline view allows you to see your presentation as an outline and makes it easy to move text (particularly bulleted lists) from one slide to another. You can use the Slides view to quickly view all the slides and change the slide order as needed. The Notes view allows you to view a notes area for each slide, which provides space for you to type notes related to each slide, allowing you to build your presentation script (what you will say) as you create the slides.

Select Workspace View

To select a workspace view, select View, Workspace, and then select one of the views provided on the Workspace submenu such as Outline View.

View Presentation as Outline

Open the Outline view (select View, Workspace, Outline View). Use the Main toolbar outline buttons, such as First Level or All Levels, to shrink or expand the slide text shown, respectively. When you select First Level to shrink the slide content to the slide titles only, you can easily drag slides to a new location in the outline.


You can quickly view the presentation slide show from the current slide in the Outline view. Select the Slide Show button on the Main toolbar.

Rearrange Slides in the Slides View

Open the Slides view (select View, Workspace, Slides View). This view shows all the slides in the presentation as thumbnails. You can rearrange your slides in this view. Drag a slide to a new location as needed.


You can quickly assign a transition effect to a slide in the Slides view. Select the slide (or slides by dragging a selection frame around the slides) and then select the transition effect using the Effect drop-down list on the Object bar. If you want to see a preview of the effect, open the Preview window; select View, Preview.


When you are in the Slides view, you can quickly open any of the slides in the Drawing view by double-clicking on the slide.

Add Notes in the Notes View

Open the Notes view (select View, Workspace, Notes View). The current slide is represented by a thumbnail, and a text box appears below the slide. Enter text as needed to the notes text box. This can be notes you will use when you give your presentation or reminders related to the presentation.


When you print a presentation from the Print dialog box, you can select to print the notes that you have typed on the various slides.

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