Section A.22. PEAR

A.22. PEAR

PEAR infrastructure

A.22.1. PEAR

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Stig Sæther Bakken (lead)

PEAR Base System

A.22.1.1 Description

The PEAR package contains:

  • the PEAR base class

  • the PEAR_Error error handling mechanism

  • the alpha-quality PEAR_ErrorStack advanced error handling mechanism

  • the PEAR installer, for creating, distributing and installing packages

  • the OS_Guess class for retrieving info about the OS where PHP is running on

  • the System class for quick handling common operations with files and directories

A.22.2. PEAR_Frontend_Gtk

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Alan Knowles (lead) - Stig Sæther Bakken (helper)

Gtk (Desktop) PEAR Package Manager

A.22.2.1 Description

Desktop Interface to the PEAR Package Manager, Requires PHP-GTK

A.22.3. PEAR_Frontend_Web

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Christian Dickmann (lead) - Pierre-Alain Joye (lead) - Stig Sæther Bakken (helper)

HTML (Web) PEAR Package Manager

A.22.3.1 Description

Web Interface to the PEAR Package Manager

A.22.4. PEAR_Info

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Davey Shafik (lead)

Show Information about your PEAR install and its packages

A.22.4.1 Description

This package generates a comprehensive information page for your current PEAR install.

  • The format for the page is similar to that for phpinfo() except using PEAR colors.

  • Has complete PEAR Credits (based on the packages you have installed).

  • Will show if there is a newer version than the one presently installed (and what its state is)

  • Each package has an anchor in the form pkg_PackageName - where PackageName is a case-sensitive PEAR package name

A.22.5. PEAR_PackageFileManager

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Greg Beaver (lead)

PEAR_PackageFileManager takes an existing package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog

A.22.5.1 Description

This package revolutionizes the maintenance of PEAR packages. With a few parameters, the entire package.xml is automatically updated with a listing of all files in a package.

Features include

  • reads in an existing package.xml file, and only changes the release/changelog

  • a plugin system for retrieving files in a directory. Currently two plugins exist, one for standard recursive directory content listing, and one that reads the CVS/Entries files and generates a file listing based on the contents of a checked out CVS repository

  • incredibly flexible options for assigning install roles to files/directories

  • ability to ignore any file based on a * ? wildcard-enabled string(s)

  • ability to include only files that match a * ? wildcard-enabled string(s)

  • ability to manage dependencies

  • can output the package.xml in any directory, and read in the package.xml file from any directory.

  • can specify a different name for the package.xml file

As of version 1.2.0, PEAR_PackageFileManager is fully unit tested.

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