Section A.13. HTTP

A.13. HTTP

A.13.1. HTTP

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Stig Sæther Bakken (lead) - Pierre-Alain Joye (lead)

Miscellaneous HTTP utilities

A.13.1.1 Description

The HTTP class is a class with static methods for doing miscellaneous HTTP-related stuff like date formatting or language negotiation.

A.13.2. HTTP_Client

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Alexey Borzov (lead)

Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results

A.13.2.1 Description

The HTTP_Client class wraps around HTTP_Request and provides a higher level interface for performing multiple HTTP requests.


  • Manages cookies and referrers between requests

  • Handles HTTP redirection

  • Has methods to set default headers and request parameters

  • Implements the Subject-Observer design pattern: the base class sends events to listeners that do the response processing.

A.13.3. HTTP_Download

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Michael Wallner (lead)

Send HTTP Downloads

A.13.3.1 Description

Provides an interface to easily send hidden files or any arbitrary data to the client through HTTP. It features HTTP caching, compression and ranges (partial downloads and resuming).

A.13.4. HTTP_Header

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Wolfram Kriesing (lead) - Davey Shafik (lead)

OO-Interface to modify and handle HTTP-Headers easily, including some classes that handle common subjects (like Caching, etc.).

A.13.4.1 Description

This class provides methods to set/modify HTTP-Headers. To abstract common things, like caching etc. some sub classes are provided that handle special cases (i.e. HTTP_Header_Cache). Also provides methods for checking Status types (i.e. HTTP_Header::isError())

A.13.5. HTTP_Request

Repository: PEAR - License: BSD - By Richard Heyes (lead)

Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests

A.13.5.1 Description

Supports GET/POST/HEAD/TRACE/PUT/DELETE, Basic authentication, Proxy, Proxy Authentication, SSL, file uploads etc.

A.13.6. HTTP_Server

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Stephan Schmidt (lead)

HTTP server class.

A.13.6.1 Description

HTTP server class that allows you to easily implement HTTP servers by supplying callbacks. The base class will parse the request, call the appropriate callback and build a response based on an array that the callbacks have to return.

A.13.7. HTTP_Session

Repository: PEAR - License: BSD - By Alexander Radivanovich (lead)

Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions

A.13.7.1 Description

Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions it provides extra features such as database storage for session data using DB package. It introduces new methods like isNew(), useCookies(), setExpire(), setIdle(), isExpired(), isIdled() and others.

A.13.8. HTTP_Upload

Repository: PEAR - License: LGPL - By Tomas V.V.Cox (lead)

Easy and secure managment of files submitted via HTML Forms

A.13.8.1 Description

This class provides an advanced file uploader system for file uploads made from html forms. Features:

  • Can handle from one file to multiple files.

  • Safe file copying from tmp dir.

  • Easy detecting mechanism of valid upload, missing upload or error.

  • Gives extensive information about the uploaded file.

  • Rename uploaded files in different ways: as it is, safe or unique

  • Validate allowed file extensions

  • Multiple languages error messages support (es, en, de, fr, nl)

A.13.9. HTTP_WebDAV_Client

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Hartmut Holzgraefe (lead)

WebDAV stream wrapper class

A.13.9.1 Description

RFC2518 compliant stream wrapper that allows to use WebDAV server resources like a regular file system from within PHP.

A.13.10. HTTP_WebDAV_Server

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Hartmut Holzgraefe (lead) - Christian Stocker (lead)

WebDAV Server Baseclass.

A.13.10.1 Description

RFC2518 compliant helper class for WebDAV server implementation.

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