Section A.9. File Formats

A.9. File Formats

This category holds all sorts of packages reading/writing files of a certain format.

A.9.1. bz2

Repository: PECL - License: PHP License - By Sterling Hughes (lead)

A Bzip2 management extension

A.9.1.1 Description

Bz2 is an extension to create and parse bzip2 compressed data.

A.9.2. Contact_Vcard_Build

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Paul M. Jones (lead)

Build (create) and fetch vCard 2.1 and 3.0 text blocks.

A.9.2.1 Description

Allows you to programmatically create a vCard, version 2.1 or 3.0, and fetch the vCard text.

A.9.3. Contact_Vcard_Parse

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Paul M. Jones (lead)

Parse vCard 2.1 and 3.0 files.

A.9.3.1 Description

Allows you to parse vCard files and text blocks, and get back an array of the elements of each vCard in the file or text.

A.9.4. Fileinfo

Repository: PECL - License: PHP - By Ilia Alshanetsky (lead)

libmagic bindings

A.9.4.1 Description

This extension allows retrieval of information regarding vast majority of file. This information may include dimensions, quality, length etc... Additionally it can also be used to retrieve the mime type for a particular file and for text files proper language encoding.

A.9.5. File_DICOM

Repository: PEAR - License: LGPL - By Xavier Noguer (lead)

Package for reading and modifying DICOM files

A.9.5.1 Description

File_DICOM allows reading and modifying of DICOM files. DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine, and is a standard for creating, storing and transfering digital images (X-rays, tomography) and related information used in medicine.

This package in particular does not support the exchange/transfer of DICOM data, nor any network related functionality.

More information on the DICOM standard can be found at: Please be aware that any use of the information produced by this package for diagnosing purposes is strongly discouraged by the author. See for more information.

A.9.6. File_Fstab

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License v3.0 - By Ian Eure (lead)

Read and write fstab files

A.9.6.1 Description

File_Fstab is an easy-to-use package which can read & write UNIX fstab files. It presents a pleasant object-oriented interface to the fstab.


  • Supports blockdev, label, and UUID specification of mount device.

  • Extendable to parse non-standard fstab formats by defining a new Entry class for that format.

  • Easily examine and set mount options for an entry.

  • Stable, functional interface.

  • Fully documented with PHPDoc.

A.9.7. File_Gettext

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Michael Wallner (lead)

GNU Gettext file parser

A.9.7.1 Description

Reader and writer for GNU PO and MO files.

A.9.8. File_IMC

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Paul M. Jones (lead) - Marshall Roch (lead)

Create and parse Internet Mail Consortium-style files (like vCard and vCalendar)

A.9.8.1 Description

Allows you to programmatically create a vCard or vCalendar, and fetch the text.

IMPORTANT: The array structure has changed slightly from Contact_Vcard_Parse. See the example output for the new structure. Also different from Contact_Vcard is the use of a factory pattern. Again, see the examples.

A.9.9. File_Ogg

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By David Jonathan Grant (lead) - Stefan Neufeind (helper)

Access Ogg bitstreams.

A.9.9.1 Description

This package provides access to various media types inside an Ogg bitsream.

A.9.10. Genealogy_Gedcom

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Olivier Vanhoucke (lead)

Gedcom File Parser

A.9.10.1 Description

Parser for genealogy gedcom files

A.9.11. MP3_ID

Repository: - License: LGPL -

Read/Write MP3-Tags

A.9.11.1 Description

The class offers methods for reading and writing information tags (version 1) in MP3 files.

A.9.12. Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

Repository: PEAR - License: LGPL - By Xavier Noguer (lead) - Mika Tuupola (developer)

Package for generating Excel spreadsheets

A.9.12.1 Description

Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer was born as a porting of the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Perl module to PHP. It allows writing of Excel spreadsheets without the need for COM objects. It supports formulas, images (BMP) and all kinds of formatting for text and cells. It currently supports the BIFF5 format (Excel 5.0), so functionality appeared in the latest Excel versions is not yet available.

A.9.13. zip

Repository: PECL - License: PHP License - By Sterling Hughes (lead)

A zip management extension

A.9.13.1 Description

Zip is an extension to read zip files.

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