Section A.8. Encryption

A.8. Encryption

A.8.1. Crypt_CBC

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP 2.02 - By Colin Viebrock (lead)

A class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module.

A.8.2. Crypt_CHAP

Repository: PEAR - License: BSD - By Michael Bretterklieber (lead)

Generating CHAP packets.

A.8.2.1 Description

This package provides Classes for generating CHAP packets.

Currently these types of CHAP are supported:

  • CHAP-MD5

  • MS-CHAPv1

  • MS-CHAPv2

For MS-CHAP the mhash and mcrypt extensions must be loaded.

A.8.3. Crypt_Crypt

Repository: - License: BSD -

Abstraction class for encryption algorithms

A.8.3.1 Description

A generic class that allows a user to use a single set of functions to perform encryption and decryption. The class prefers to use native extensions like mcrypt, but will automatically attempt to load crypto modules written in php if the requested algorithm is unsupported natively or by extensions.

A.8.4. Crypt_HMAC

Repository: PEAR - License: BSD - By Derick Rethans (lead)

A class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant hashes.

A.8.5. Crypt_RC4

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Dave Mertens (lead)

Encryption class for RC4 encryption

A.8.5.1 Description

RC4 encryption class

A.8.6. Crypt_Xtea

Repository: - License: PHP 2.02 -

A class that implements the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) (New Variant).

A.8.6.1 Description

A class that implements the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) (New Variant). This class does not depend on mcrypt. Encryption is relatively fast, decryption relatively slow. Original code from

A.8.7. Message

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Jesus M. Castagnetto (lead)

Message hash and digest (HMAC) generation methods and classes

A.8.7.1 Description

Classes for message hashing and HMAC signature generation using the mhash functions.

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