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Many good resources for ASP.NET are available. The following lists a few that are of great value. You might find that these lead you to other resources that make your ASP.NET coding easier and more powerful.

  • SAMS Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes . Ben Forta. Sams Publishing. The very best resource for SQL. Small, simple, and complete. No coder should be without it.

  • ASP.NET for Web Designers . Peter Ladka. New Riders. A very good and enjoyable book for people who want to understand the code. It isn't too complicated, but you will do best with this book if you are comfortable looking at code.

  • Visual Quickpro Guide: ASP.NET Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX . Ryan Parnell and Joel Martinez. Peachpit Press. An excellent and concise guide to using ASP.NET in Dreamweaver.

  • ASPXtreme ASP.NET Web WorkShop, An excellent resource that has technical documentation, tutorials, and many other resources.

  • MSDN Developer Library, The source for documentation. All levels of articles and information are available.

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