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All computer books need to establish certain conventions to simplify presentation of the material. And this book is no different!

Menu commands are separated by > indicators between menu name and command name, or between menu name and submenu name , like this: File > Save. This convention is also used to indicate particular categories or tabs within dialog boxes and windows , like this: the Preferences > General dialog box or the Results > Site FTP Log panel.

Important new terms are italicized the first time they appear in the text, but not after that. Filenames (for the exercises) are in bold .

Code samples are printed in a monospace font when separated from their surrounding text. If a line of code is too long to print on the book page, it's indicated by a arrow where it wraps to the next line. This indicates that no actual hard return should be inserted here. Any code word or phrase in the text (such as the name of an HTML tag or attribute) is also set in a monospace font .

Keyboard shortcuts for menu commands are not generally mentioned along with their menu counterparts because they're always listed next to the menu item and because you may have customized your keyboard shortcuts, so the information would be irrelevant to you, anyway. This book is for intermediate users, and I assume that you know how to read a shortcut indicator. Your reward for not having every keyboard shortcut explicitly mentioned in the text is that it makes room in the book for lots of extra contenta great trade-off!

Mac/Windows differences for keyboard and other procedures are indicated as concisely as possible. Ctrl/Cmd refers to the Control key on Windows and the Command key on Mac. So Ctrl/Cmd+S means that Windows users press Ctrl+S and Mac users press Cmd+S. Alt/Opt similarly refers to the Alt key on Windows and the Opt key on Mac. Whenever the book refers to right-clicking anything, Mac users with a single-button mouse should Ctrl-click. If you're on a Mac, you probably already know that Ctrl-clicking is the standard alternative to right-clicking, so it's not explicitly stated in the text.

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