About the Technical Reviewers

These reviewers contributed their considerable hands-on expertise to the entire development process for Dreamweaver MX Extensions. As the book was being written, these dedicated professionals reviewed all the material for technical content, organization, and flow. Their feedback was critical to ensuring that Dreamweaver MX Extensions fits our reader's need for the highest-quality technical information.


Julie Hallstrom

Julie is a team lead for Macromedia's Dreamweaver technical support team. She came to her love of Dreamweaver after hand-coding HTML for a year, designing web sites for small companies. She sees her job of supporting Dreamweaver users as an opportunity to share her enthusiasm for a really wonderful product.


Matt Zimmerman

Matt has spent the last five years living on the web, from personal projects to freelance sites to working professionally in the industry. In the winter of 1999, he joined Omega Design Studio, a web development company in Indianapolis. While at Omega, he has had the opportunity to further develop his skills in Flash, JavaScript, and ColdFusion. Matt's work was also included in a multimedia gallery opening entitled "Evidence Manifest" where he showed an HTML/Flash-based piece on interfacing and interface design. In the summer of 2001, Matt earned his BFA in Visual Communication from Herron School of Art, IUPUI.

Dreamweaver MX Extensions
Dreamweaver MX Extensions
ISBN: 0735711828
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 141
Authors: Laura Gutman

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