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Dreamweaver MX Extensions
By Laura  Gutman
Publisher : New Riders Publishing
Pub Date : September 12, 2002
ISBN : 0-7357-1182-8
Pages : 552
      About the Author
      About the Technical Reviewers
      About the Technical Contributor
      Tell Us What You Think
        What Is Extending Dreamweaver?
      Part I:   Objects and Behaviors: Learning the API
        Chapter 1.   Dreamweaver Configuration and the API
        How Dreamweaver Is Configured
        The Dreamweaver API
        Ready, Set, Go!
        Chapter 2.   Creating Custom Objects
        How Objects Are Constructed
        Making Objects: Practice Session
        Workshop #1: Creating a Simple Object
        Workshop #2: Creating a Simple Object with User Input
        Workshop #3: Creating a More Complex Object
        Chapter 3.   Creating Custom Behaviors
        How Behaviors Are Constructed
        Making Behaviors: Practice Session
        Workshop #1: Creating a Simple Behavior
        Workshop #2: Creating a Full-Featured Behavior
        Inspecting Behaviors
        Workshop #3: Inspecting the Set Properties Behavior
      Part II:   Commands, Inspectors, Floating Panels: Working with the DOM
        Chapter 4.   The Dreamweaver DOM
        What Is a DOM?
        DOM Basics
        Extensibility and the DOM
        Working with the DOM: Practice Session
        Chapter 5.   Creating Custom Commands and Menu Commands
        How Commands Are Constructed
        Workshop #1: A Command That Uses Object Access
        Workshop #2: A Command That Uses String Access
        Commands and Menus
        Workshop #3: Manipulating the Menu Entry for a Command
        Menu Commands
        Making Menu Commands: Practice Session
        Workshop #4: Creating a Menu Command
        Chapter 6.   Creating Custom Property Inspectors
        How Property Inspectors Are Constructed
        Making Inspectors: Practice Session
        Workshop #1: A Simple Property Inspector
        Workshop #2: Replacing a Default Inspector
        Chapter 7.   Creating Custom Floating Panels
        How Floating Panels Are Constructed
        Making Floating Panels: Practice Session
        Workshop #1: A Floating Panel Utility
        Chapter 8.   Mixing Extension Types
        Why Mix Extension Types?
        API Functions for Mixing Extension Types
        Mixing Extension Types: Practice Session
        Chapter 9.   Server Behaviors
        Server Behavior API
        Workshop #1: Inserting Conditional Page Content with an If-Then Statement
        Workshop #2: Inserting Dynamically Determined Images
        Chapter 10.   Into the Great Beyond
        The Nature of Class Files
        ListControl Items
        Layered Interfaces
        Other Custom Classes
      Part III:   Appendixes
        Appendix A.   JavaScript Primer
        How JavaScript and HTML Work Together
        Variables and Expressions
        Logical Structures (Conditionals and Loops)
        Working with Form Elements
        JavaScript and Objects
        Linking JS and HTML Files
        Appendix B.   Macromedia User Interface Guidelines
        Fonts and Colors
        Form Elements
        Online Help
        Error-Checking, Default Values, and More
        Appendix C.   Packaging Extensions for Use with the Extension Manager
        Packaging Extensions
        Appendix D.   Submitting Extensions to the Macromedia Dreamweaver Exchange
        Guidelines for Submission
        Recommended Test Plan
        Appendix E.   Online Resources for Dreamweaver Extensibility
        Web Sites
        Appendix F.   Contents of the Dreamweaver MX Extensions Book Companion Web Site
        Chapter 2: "Creating Custom Objects"
        Chapter 3: "Creating Custom Behaviors"
        Chapter 4: "The Dreamweaver DOM"
        Chapter 5: "Creating Custom Commands and Menu Commands"
        Chapter 6: "Creating Custom Property Inspectors"
        Chapter 7: "Creating Custom Floating Panels"
        Chapter 8: "Mixing Extension Types"
        Chapter 9: "Server Behaviors"
        Chapter 10: "Into the Great Beyond"

Dreamweaver MX Extensions
Dreamweaver MX Extensions
ISBN: 0735711828
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 141
Authors: Laura Gutman

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