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Question 1

Which of these types of computers would be a good choice for a salesperson who spends most of the day visiting customers?

  • A. Mainframe computer

  • B. Network computer

  • C. Personal computer

  • D. Laptop

  • E. PDA


Answers D and E are correct. Mobile professionals typically need to carry their essential data with them to customer sites. Laptops and PDAs are inherently portable computers, suited for such visits . Answers A, B, and C are incorrect because those types of computer are not designed to be mobile.

Question 2

Which of the following are classed as input devices?

  • A. Keyboard

  • B. Plotter

  • C. Trackball

  • D. Touchscreen


Answers A, C, and D are correct. Keyboard and trackballs are designed to let you transmit information to the computer, making them input devices. Touchscreens are both input devices and output devices; they can both accept and display information. Answer B is incorrect because a plotter is used only to convey information from the computer to you, making it an output device.

Question 3

You have a customer data file that is approximately 45MB in size. You need to have fast access to any part of this file and to edit information that it contains frequently. Which of these storage devices would be most appropriate for storing this file?

  • A. Zip disk

  • B. Data cartridge

  • C. CD-ROM

  • D. Hard drive


Answer D is correct. A hard drive can store large files, provide fast access to any part of the file, and allows you to edit the data that it contains. Answer A is incorrect because the file is too large to fit on a Zip disk. Answer B is incorrect because data cartridges are typically quite slow. Answer C is incorrect because the CD-ROM does not allow you to edit the data that it contains.

Question 4

Which of the following are benefits of connecting the computers at a company into a LAN?

  • A. Saving files in a common format

  • B. Sharing one plotter among every user in a group

  • C. Enabling IM and email

  • D. Loading applications more quickly


Answers B and C are correct. When computers are networked, expensive resources such as plotters and high-speed printers can be easily shared among many users. Users on a LAN can also use email, instant messaging (IM), and other collaborative technologies. Answers A and D incorrect because saving files and loading applications are functions of the individual computer rather than the network.

Question 5

You need to share a file with another employee of your company. You are located in the Cincinnati office, and your co-worker is in the Iowa City office. Which network would provide you with the most secure way to share the file?

  • A. Intranet

  • B. Internet

  • C. Extranet

  • D. World Wide Web


Answer A is correct. An intranet is a company's internal network, to which outsiders have no access. Answer B is incorrect because the Internet is the global WAN that is shared by millions of users. Answer C is incorrect because an extranet is designed for sharing information with corporate partners . Answer D is incorrect because the World Wide Web is used for publishing and viewing Web pages.

Question 6

Which of these factors should you consider when designing an ergonomically correct computer workspace?

  • A. The height of the monitor

  • B. The location of the keyboard

  • C. The color of the mouse pad

  • D. The level of lighting


Answers A, B, and D are correct. The height of the monitor is important in minimizing neck strain. The location of the keyboard is important in minimizing wrist and arm injuries. The level of lighting is important in minimizing eyestrain. Answer C is incorrect because mouse pad colors have not been shown to have a health effect.

Question 7

Which of these potential passwords complies with typical rules for good passwords?

  • A. Dog

  • B. 16TonsWUGet

  • C. Alice

  • D. 1774324


Answer B is correct. Answers A and C are incorrect because good passwords are at least seven characters long. Answer A is incorrect because dictionary words do not make good passwords. Answer D is incorrect because a good password should contain a mix of character types (uppercase letters, lowercase letters , numerals, and symbols).

Question 8

Which of the following security measures can help protect you from computer viruses?

  • A. Select a strong password for your account.

  • B. Back up your critical data once every 10 days.

  • C. Only open email attachments that you were expecting to be sent.

  • D. Keep your antivirus software up-to-date.


Answers C and D are correct. Email attachments are a popular way for viruses to spread; by not opening unexpected attachments, you protect yourself from this risk. Antivirus software can block many viruses, but only if you keep it updated so that it will recognize new viruses. Answer A is incorrect because strong passwords keep other people from using your account but do not stop virus software from running when your machine is infected. Answer B is incorrect because a backup will make it possible to recover lost data but won't stop a virus from deleting data in the first place.

Question 9

Which of the following activities is permissible under copyright law?

  • A. Downloading a bootleg copy of a new rock CD from the Internet

  • B. Making a backup of a software program as permitted by the EULA

  • C. Typing an article from a current magazine and making CD-ROM copies for your friends

  • D. Scanning photographs from a coffee-table book for use as computer wallpaper


Answer B is correct. The EULA is a legal agreement that permits specific actions. Answers A, C, and D are incorrect because they all make copies of works without the express permission of the work's creator.

Question 10

Which of the following jobs is a good candidate for teleworking?

  • A. Screening patients for admission to a hospital

  • B. Managing a team of inventory takers for a supermarket chain

  • C. Entering insurance claims information

  • D. Caring for hydroponic cucumber plants in a greenhouse


Answer C is correct. Entering claims information is work that can be done anywhere that there is a computer. Answer A is incorrect because teleworkers don't interact directly with clients . Answer B is incorrect because telework makes it difficult to organize and participate in a team. Answer D is incorrect because telework does not allow you to perform actual physical labor.

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