MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge

The bridge that's supplied with Host Integration Server 2000 provides a mechanism that allows messages to be picked up from an MSMQ queue and delivered to a WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) queue and vice versa. In this chapter, we'll look at the architecture required for using the bridge, the installation of the bridge itself, and the running of test clients to observe how the bridge passes messages between the .NET and Java platforms. The test client samples you'll see in this chapter are based on the examples presented in Chapter 8, "Asynchronous Interoperability, Part 1: Introduction and MSMQ," and Chapter 9, "Asynchronous Interoperability, Part 2: WebSphere MQ."


As discussed in Chapter 9, IBM changed the name of its queuing product from MQSeries to WebSphere MQ fairly recently. Although it uses the product's older name, the MSMQ-MQSeries bridge component within Host Integration Server remains compatible with IBM's queuing product. This chapter will refer to the bridge as the MSMQ- MQSeries bridge but refer to the queuing product as WebSphere MQ.

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