Additional Java Support for .NET Remoting

For the sample code in this chapter, we've used Intrinsyc's Ja.NET software to enable Java classes and J2EE components to interoperate with .NET applications and services. In addition to Ja.NET, a similar third-party product named JNBridgePro also exists.

JNBridgePro promotes itself as a Java/.NET interoperability tool that enables Java code to fully participate in the cross-language development capabilities of Microsoft .NET while maintaining Java's cross-platform portability and conformance to Java standards. There are two versions of JNBridgePro. JNBridgePro SE supports J2SE, and JNBridgePro EE supports J2EE and the leading J2EE application servers, allowing .NET code to access J2EE components, including EJBs and JNDI.

JNBridgePro is built on top of .NET remoting and encapsulates most of the details of remoting so that the calls between .NET and Java appear to be "local" calls, not remoting calls. JNBridgePro allows custom exceptions to be thrown from Java to .NET and supports accessing any and all public members of Java classes: both static and instance members , and both methods and fields. Like Intrinsyc's Ja.NET, both HTTP/SOAP and TCP/binary communications channels are supported.

More Info

Additional information and an evaluation copy can be found at http://www. jnbridge .com.

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