Installing the AIX operating system

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AIX 5.1 must be installed on both nodes. The same version must be installed on both machines, and both nodes must be running at the same patch level.

The files that should be backed up and restored to the new confirmation are:

  • Root: .rhosts

  • /etc/hosts

  • root: .profile/.kshrcopermps: .profile/.kshrcmaestro: .profile/.kshrc operha: profile/.kshrc

  • Installation files: maestro.tar, HACMP, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler connectors, Plus module, and the IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler Windows Java Console code

  • /etc/password

  • /usr/local/HACMP/scripts/*

Patching the operating system

HACMP 4.5 requires that the AIX operating system be patched to version 5100-02; the current HACMP test configuration is at 5100-03. IBM recommends that the latest level of operating system patches be installed on the nodes before going into production. The latest available patch level is 5100-04.


To identify the current version on the AIX node, enter:

    oslevel -r 

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