Software Best Practices

If you treat these root causes, not only will you eliminate the symptoms, but you'll also be in a much better position to develop and maintain quality software in a repeatable and predictable fashion.

That's what software best practices are all about: commercially proven approaches to software development that, when used in combination, strike at the root causes of software development problems. [4] They are "best practices" not so much because you can precisely quantify their value but rather because they are commonly used in industry by successful organizations. In this chapter we will describe six important best practices:

[4] See the Software Program Manager's Network best practices work at .

  1. Develop software iteratively.

  2. Manage requirements.

  3. Use component-based architectures.

  4. Visually model software.

  5. Continuously verify software quality.

  6. Control changes to software.

But there are many other software development best practices that will be covered in subsequent chapters.

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