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\a (alert) escape notation
& (ampersand)
' (apostrophe) 2nd
     vs. single quotation mark
\' (apostrophe) escape notation
. ., (arrows)
± (asterisk)
\\ (backslash) escape notation
\b (backspace) escape notation
{ } (braces)
(broken bar)
. (catenation operator)
¢ (cent sign) 2nd
<<>> (chevrons/guillemets)
: (colon)
, (comma)
# (comments) in Unicode database files
@ (commercial at) 2nd
¤ (currency sign)
÷ (division sign) 2nd
/ (division slash)
$ (dollar sign) 2nd 3rd
... (ellipsis points) 2nd
(em dash) 2nd 3rd 4th
(en dash) 2nd 3rd 4th
     spacing between characters and
= (equals sign)
(euro sign)
. (euro-currency sign)
! (exclamation mark) 2nd
ª (feminine ordinal indicator)
\f (form feed) escape notation
¶ (formatting marks)
. (franc sign)
. (full stop) 2nd
` (grave accent) 2nd 3rd
> (greater-than sign)
! (inverted exclamation mark)
¡ (inverted exclamation mark)
¿ (inverted question mark) 2nd
< (less-than sign)
_ (low line, underscore)
     in Unicode database files
º (masculine ordinal indicator)
µ (micro sign)
· (middle dot) 2nd
x (multiplication sign) 2nd 3rd
\n (newline) escape notation
¬ (not sign)
# (number sign) 2nd
(numero sign)
(per mile sign)
% (percent sign)
¶ (pilcrow sign)
| (pipe, vertical line) 2nd
+ (plus sign)
     catenation operator
± (plus-minus sign)
£ (pound sign) 2nd
? (question mark)
" (quotation mark) 2nd 3rd
\" (quotation mark) escape notation
® (registered sign)
     ° (degree sign) 2nd
\r (return)) escape notation
\ (reverse solidus) 2nd
§ (section sign)
; (semicolon)
     in Unicode database files
ß (sharp s)
"" (smart quotes) 2nd 3rd
/ (solidus) 2nd
     division mark and
[ ] (square brackets)
\t (tab) escape notation
~ (tilde)
" (trademark sign)
Æ (U+00C6)
Ø (U+00D8)
æ (U+00E6) 2nd
\v (vertical tab) escape notation
¥ (yen sign) 2nd
16-bit 2nd
     Java and
7bit Content-Transfer-Encoding value
8-bit 2nd
     ad hoc, defined by fonts
     Content-Transfer-Encoding value
     headers, using characters in
     Vietnamese codes
^ (circumflex) 2nd

Unicode Explained
Unicode Explained
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