Letting Bridge Build the Cache for You

After I'm done with a photo shoot, I usually can't wait to see what I've shot. So I proceed to connect my card reader and transfer my photos to my computer. After I do that, I fire up Bridge and start to review them, but that's where the process slows down. Bridge needs to build the thumbnails and cache for all of my photos, and if I shoot 200300 photos that can take a while. That's where this feature comes in. I let Bridge do the cache building for me while I unpack my gear, and then when it's done I can review the photos with no interruptions.

What Is Cache?

First, let's get something cleared up. In Bridge, the cache is where all thumbnail, metadata, and general file information is stored. Bridge saves this cache to shorten the time it takes to preview photos in a folder. However, it does take time to create this cache (especially for RAW files). That's why it's best to follow this tutorial and have Bridge create the cache before you try to view your photos. That way they'll display a lot quicker when you're reviewing them.

Turbo Boost

If the large Bridge window gets in your way but you always want your photos close, just choose View>Compact Mode or press the Compact Mode button in the upper-right corner of Bridge's Options Bar.

Step One

Once you've loaded all of your photos from the card reader onto your computer, navigate to the folder containing them in Bridge. From the Bridge menu, choose Tools>Cache>Build Cache for Subfolders.

Step Two

After you choose this, you'll see a small dialog indicating that Bridge is building the cache for the photos and how many photos it has processed so far. Here's where you walk away and unpack your gear or go get that cup of coffee, as it'll take a few minutes. But when you get back, you're ready to roll and previewing your photos will be a much smoother process.

Turbo Boost

When in Compact Mode, press the little button to the right of the Folder pop-up menu at the top of the Bridge window to switch to Ultra-Compact Mode. Now that's small, but you can quickly get to Bridge if you need it.

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