Festive commemoration at the end of project or major project component.

Change control plan

A process for approval of modifications, additions, and deletions to the project baseline.

Change management

The disciplined use of a defined process to control project modifications, additions, and deletions.

Change request document, change order form

A form used to capture modifications, additions, and deletions to project scope that may impact schedule, budget, or other work.


To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.


The act of pledging to accomplish work and being determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish the work.

Communication and control plan

Action plan that determines the information and communication needs of all stakeholders (who needs what information, when they will need it, and how it will be given to them).

Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)

The dominant semiconductor technology for microprocessors, memories, and application-specific integrated circuits.

Conceptual skill

The cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole and the relationships among its parts.


The details of how the system is structured.

Conflict management

Resolution of disagreements and tensions.


A decision-making method by which every single person on the project team agrees that the decision makes sense and he or she will enthusiastically support it.

Contingency plan

An identification of alternative strategies to be used to ensure project success if specified risk events occur.

Contingency view

An extension of the humanistic perspective in which successful resolution of organizational problems is thought to depend on managers' identification of key variables in the situation at hand.


The process of comparing actual performance with planned performance, analyzing variances, evaluating possible alternatives, and taking appropriate corrective action as needed.


To harmonize in a common action or effort. Project managers often need to coordinate the efforts of various workers from different disciplines over whom they have no authority.

Core team

The small group who will collectively make many project decisions and perform many of the project's tasks, ideally assigned to the project from start to finish.

Corrective action

The process of returning some aspect of project performance to a more desired state.

Critical success factors

A brief listing of what should be monitored closely on an ongoing basis to ensure that the project is proceeding adequately. Also known as the project vital signs or metrics.


Someone for whom work or service is performed, both external to and internal within the organization.

Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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