Chapter 2.  The source definition

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Chapter 2. The source definition

You break ashore and back

   you go silently.

For sea is what you flee

and what you are is sea.


This chapter will get you started with developing a custom markup system for your XML-based web site. You'll learn what is involved in defining your own XML language that best suits your site's requirements and what options exist for automatic validation of your source documents.

This chapter should give you a good idea of the capabilities and limitations of modern schema languages as well as the possible approaches to building your complete source definition (which, to be useful, will have to include more than just a schema).

If you are primarily interested in the practical markup of a web site's XML source, you need only read 2.1 , which explains the general architecture of a site's source definition. After that, you can skip to Chapter 3, "Elements of a web site," where we'll look at the typical elements of web pages and discuss their representation in XML.


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