Exiting Notes

When you're finished with Notes, you can close the program in several different ways:

  • Choose File, Exit Notes.

  • Double-click the application's Control menu button.

  • Click the application's Control menu button, and choose Close from the menu.

  • Press Alt+F4.

  • Click the Close (X) button at the right end of the Notes title bar.

You will be prompted to be sure you really want to exit. Click Yes to exit. If you don't feel you need this prompt, check In the future, exit without prompting before you close the dialog box.

In this chapter, you learned how to start Notes, navigate the Notes window, use Properties boxes, change your password, and exit Notes. In the next chapter you learn about reading and sending mail.

Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 in 10 Minutes
Year: 2003
Pages: 182

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