Using Properties Boxes

As you work with databases, documents, text, and other Notes objects, you need to set attributes for the selected item. This is usually done in a Properties box. Although it resembles a dialog box, you work differently with a Properties box. A Properties box displays only the properties of a specific item, such as selected text or a database. Properties contain information about an item such as its name, location, settings, design, size, and so on. When you make a selection in a Properties box, it takes effect immediatelyeven though the Properties box remains onscreen as you work. You won't see an OK or Cancel button.

Properties boxes contain tabbed pages that offer various options for the item you have selected. Figure 2.3 shows the properties box for selected text in a document.

Figure 2.3. Use a Properties box to change the properties or attributes of selected items.

Properties boxes have many of the same elements that dialog boxes have: drop-down lists, list boxes, text boxes, and check boxes, for example. However, Properties boxes also contain the additional elements described in Table 2.4.

Table 2.4. Properties Box Elements




The Properties box title displays the selected item, as in Document or Text. To change the item in the Properties box, use the drop-down list in the title bar.


Named flaps that represent pages of options related to the selected element.


Click this button to launch context-sensitive help.

Because a Properties box can remain onscreen while you work, you might want to reposition it on your screen. To move a Properties box, click the title bar and drag it to a new position.

Click the Collapse icon on the title bar of a Properties box to collapse it. Collapsing hides all but the title bar and the tabs, and it frees up space on the workspace. When the box is collapsed, the icon becomes the Expand icon. Click the Expand icon to expand the Properties box back to its original view and size.

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