Using Toolbars

Some people prefer to click on buttons to perform program functions in lieu of accessing the menu. Like most programs that are designed to run under Microsoft Windows, buttons can be found on the window's toolbar. Toolbars are context sensitive, and they change depending upon the task you are performing in Notes. For example, one set of buttons appears when you are reading a document, and another set appears when you are editing a document. You can turn off context-sensitive toolbars (although we don't recommend it) by choosing File, Preferences, Toolbar Preferences, and then turning off the Show Context Sensitive Toolbar check box.

When you hold a mouse over one of the toolbar buttons, a brief description of the icon appears. You learn how to customize, change the position of, and create sets of Toolbars in Chapter 19, "Customizing Notes."

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Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 in 10 Minutes
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