BMP Secrets

BMP Secrets is another steganography program that allows you to store any information in a bitmap file. One big advantage of BMP Secrets is that it has a very large hiding capacity. Some features include:

  • The program uses an original steganography method developed by Parallel Worlds that allows you to replace up to 65 percent of the true-color BMP file with your data. You can convert the result image only to lossless format; lossy formats will destroy information inside. If you try to make any changes to the result image, information will also be lost.

  • You can choose hiding rate. The higher the hiding rate, the lower the quality. However, if you use the highest rate it is difficult to find any differences.

  • A built-in to encoding compressor that allows the storage of much more text files than binary.

  • You can hide not only in whole image, but also in part. You can choose a rectangle on the picture where data will be stored. Sometimes you can store two different files in two different squares of one image. It also increases the security level.

  • You can set an automatic quality option. The program will search for the best quality when the whole file can be stored.

  • Hiding spreads data all over the image when you provide a password. To withdraw an encoded file and to decode it is very difficult, because nobody except you knows the data-spreading order period.

  • You can view results of your hiding and compare the original with the result.

  • If the whole file cannot be placed in one picture, the file can be split. When you unhide this file, you can bring parts together into one file, allowing you to hide one big file in several images. It also increases the security level, as far as one needs all parts to extract hidden file.

More information about this program can be found at

Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
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