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communicating with smart objects: developing technology for usable pervasive computing systems
Communicating with Smart Objects: Developing Technology for Usable Pervasive Computing Systems
by Claude Kintzig, Gerard Poulain, Gilles Privat and Pierre-Noel Favennec (eds)   ISBN:1903996368
Kogan Page © 2003

This text covers the role of smart devices in communication, and includes software infrastructure for smart devices, network technologies for smart objects, and evolution of smart devices.

Table of Contents
Communicating with Smart Objects
Introduction”The Role of Smart Devices in Communication
Part 1 - Interaction
Chapter 1 - New Distributed and Active Tools and Narrative Activities
Chapter 2 - Smart Houses and Dependent People”Acceptability, Solvency and International Tendencies
Chapter 3 - Towards Multimodal Human-computer Dialogue by Intelligent Agents
Chapter 4 - Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Artefacts
Chapter 5 - The Voice as a Means of Humanising Man-machine Interfaces
Part 2 - Software Infrastructure for Smart Devices/Ambient Intelligence
Chapter 6 - Introduction to a Middleware Framework
Chapter 7 - A Model and Software Architecture for Location-management in Smart Devices/Ambient Communication Environments
Chapter 8 - A Software Infrastructure for Distributed Applications on Mobile Physical Objects
Chapter 9 - Integrating a Multimedia Player in a Network of Communicating Objects
Chapter 10 - Reverse Localisation
Part 3 - Networking Technologies for Smart Objects
Chapter 11 - Wireless Techniques and Smart Devices
Chapter 12 - Wireless Local Area Networks
Chapter 13 - Radio Links in the Millimeter Wave Band
Chapter 14 - Propagation of Radio Waves Inside and Outside Buildings
Chapter 15 - Ad-Hoc Networks
Chapter 16 - INDEED”High Rate Infrared Communications in the "Indoor" Context
Chapter 17 - Artificial Materials for Protected Communications
Chapter 18 - Free-space Optical Communication Links
Part 4 - Evolution of Smart Devices
Chapter 19 - Mobile and Collaborative Augmented Reality
Chapter 20 - Towards a Description of Information-seeking Tasks Contributing to the Design of Communications Objects and Services
Chapter 21 - Making Context Explicit in Communicating Objects
Chapter 22 - Dynamic Links for Change-sensitive Interaction
Chapter 23 - Communicating Devices, Multimode Interfaces and Artistic Creation
Chapter 24 - Powering Communicating Objects
Conclusion”From "Things That Connect" to "Ambient Communication"
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