Adding a Picture



Click the Insert Picture icon on the slide object box.


The Insert Picture dialog box opens. Locate and select the image file you want to use.


Click Insert .


PowerPoint adds the picture to the slide.


In addition to adding clip art to your presentation, you can add picture files created in other programs. For example, you might have a company logo saved as a graphic file, or a photo you want to insert onto a slide.


Adding a New Picture Slide Object

If your layout does not include a slide object box, you can add a picture by clicking the Insert Picture button on the Drawing toolbar. This opens the Insert Picture dialog box; follow steps 2 “4 in this task to complete the operation.


Editing the Picture Object

If you double-click a picture, the Format Picture dialog box appears, enabling you to make changes to the picture's cropping or brightness.

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Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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