Many of the features you have come to expect from database tools ”and more ”exist in ADO.NET. ADO.NET was designed to scale to meet the needs of a huge number of simultaneous Internet users and still support PC applications and connected enterprise database applications. Central to ADO.NET is the disconnected nature supported by XML and the DataSet . Using XML as the underlying infrastructure means that complex data structures can easily be transported over the Internet as XML text, if you so desire . The serializable nature of XML means that mobile and briefcase applications will be easier to develop.

In this chapter, you learned how to update data by using a DataView ; generate SQL with a command builder; program with stored procedures, transactions, and ADO.NET interfaces; define XML Schemas as a way to implement strongly typed DataSet objects; and serialize XML DataSet objects. You will find these skills invaluable for custom business, Web, and retail applications.

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