List of Listings

Chapter 2: Editing XML Documents with XMLSPY 5

Listing 2-1: Modifying the Person Element
Listing 2-2: Modified Semantic Table
Listing 2-3: Generated XML File from the Import Text File Operation
Listing 2-4: The Department.txt File
Listing 2-5: Converted Microsoft Word Document

Chapter 4: Editing XML Schemas with XMLSPY

Listing 4-1: An Instance Document That Uses Multiple Namespaces
Listing 4-2: The Purchase Order Schema
Listing 4-3: The AddressType Global Complex Type Definition

Chapter 5: Advanced XML Schema Development

Listing 5-1: Changing Namespace Prefix Mappings—Order_5-02.xsd
Listing 5-2: Instance Document Using Unqualified Locals
Listing 5-3: Instance Document Using Qualified Locals
Listing 5-4: Including an Externally Defined Schema Component—Order_5-05a.xsd
Listing 5-5: Importing External XML Schema Components—Order_5-06a.xsd
Listing 5-6: Imported XML Schema Components—Order_5-06b.xsd

Chapter 6: Introduction to XSLT

Listing 6-1: Original XML Document

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