List of Services provided by SSPs

Service Offering



Assessment Services

Survey of existing security infrastructure and help preparing security policy

Information Security Policy

Advisory Services

Up-to-date information about vulnerabilities on customer infrastructure

Latest vulnerability notification, Patch release notification, Virus warnings, Security solution recommendations

Scanning services

Scanning of networks, systems, and databases to check for the effectiveness of security measures and to prepare an audit security baseline

Periodic scan reports

Penetration Testing

Simulation of real intruder's attacks in a controlled and safe way to discover any vulnerabilities in the system

Periodic Penetration Test Reports

Online Intrusion Detection

Protecting the network by analyzing the information from a variety of system and network sources for signs of intrusion and responding to containing these intrusions

Incident reports, Forensic Analysis Reports, Event Summary Reports, Intrusion Trend Report

Security Services Implementation

Installation and configuration of firewall, intrusion detection system, content management, and virus wall services

Working security services

Remote Firewall Management

Remote support and management of Firewalls, managing and maintaining firewall policies, firewall log analysis and auditing, firewall incident reporting

Remote policy, Management reports, and Log Analysis Report

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