Pedagogical Elements

In this book, youll find a number of different types of sidebars and other elements designed to supplement the main text. These include the following:

  • Exam Warning These focus on specific elements on which the reader needs to focus in order to pass the exam (for example, Be sure you know the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption).

  • Test Day Tip These are short tips that will help you in organizing and remembering information for the exam (for example, When preparing for the exam on test day, it may be helpful to have a sheet with definitions of these abbreviations and acronyms handy for a quick last-minute review).

  • Designing & Planning These sidebars explain how certain exam objectives are implemented or used in professional environments.

  • Configuring & Implementing These are sidebars that point out the differences and details needed to properly configure your network environment in Windows 2003 Server.

  • Head of the Class These are discussions of concepts and facts as they might be presented in the classroom, regarding issues and questions that most commonly are raised by students during study of a particular topic.

The book also includes, in each chapter, hands-on exercises in planning and configuring the features discussed. It is essential that you read through and, if possible, perform the steps of these exercises to familiarize yourself with the processes they cover.

You will find a number of helpful elements at the end of each chapter. For example, each chapter contains a Summary of Exam Objectives that ties the topics discussed in that chapter to the published objectives. Each chapter also contains an Exam Objectives Fast Track, which boils all exam objectives down to manageable summaries that are perfect for last minute review. The Exam Objectives Frequently Asked Questions answers those questions that most often arise from readers and students regarding the topics covered in the chapter. Finally, in the Self Test section, you will find a set of practice questions written in a multiple-choice form that will assist you in your exam preparation These questions are designed to assess your mastery of the exam objectives and provide thorough remediation , as opposed to simulating the variety of question formats you may encounter in the actual exam. You can use the Self Test Quick Answer Key that follows the Self Test questions to quickly determine what information you need to review again. The Self Test Appendix at the end of the book provides detailed explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers.

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