Chapter 6

“… we don’t have a lot of last-minute scrambling. …” Gerson interview, Up Close.

“This is a buttoned-down administration, perhaps the most I’ve seen.” Matthew Engel, “Bush Thrives on Crisis Management,” The [Manchester, UK] Guardian, September 7, 2002, 4.

“I was so out of shape,” along with the cover story. “A Postrun Chat with G.W.,” Runner’s World, October 2002.

“one of the saddest things about the presidency” and “it keeps me disciplined.” Runner’s World, October 2002.

“I guess that’s part of the stress relief I get from it.” Mike Allen, “Since Sept. 11, Exerciser Bush Finds Himself on War Footing,” The Washington Post, August 22, 2002, p. A15.

Bush body fat measurements and pulse rate. Lawrence K. Altman, “Doctors Who Examine Bush Say He Is Exceptionally Fit,” New York Times, August 7, 2002, A13.

“pump a few Arnies” and James Wilkinson pizza count. Dana Milbank, “Fit to Govern, and Then Some,” The Washington Post, June 17, 2002, C1.

“The omnipresent feeling was confusion.…” Joseph Curl, “Bush Runs on Time, Keeps Media and Staff Prompt,” Washington Times, January 31, 2001, A1.

“How can we trust you? …” and “I’m damn serious, pal. …” Evan Smith, “George, Washington,” Texas Monthly, June 1999.

“Political professionals look upon candidates as the baggage they have to carry on their way to being famous….” Smith, “George, Washington.”

“NINA” administration—No Intellectuals Need Apply. Evan Thomas and John Barry, “Familiar Waters,” Newsweek, January 8, 2001, 20–23.

“the White House is the only sieve that leaks from the top.” Greg Pierce, “Inside Politics,” Washington Times, January 21, 2002, A6.

“uninterrupted flood of damaging leaks.…” Mark Shields, “Leak, Leak, Sink, Sink,” The Washington Post, January 14, 1983, p. A15.

“I’ve had it up to my keister.” Reginald Dale, “Reagan Orders Crackdown on Press Leaks,” The Financial Times [London], January 12, 1983, 4.

“anyone who talks out of turn doesn’t last long.” Engel, “Bush Thrives on Crisis Management.”

Mike Parker story on congressional testimony. Francie Kiefer, “Backlash Grows Against White House Secrecy,” The Christian Science Monitor, March 25, 2002, 3.

“The Bush loyalists have done an amazing job.…” Byron York, “Leakproof?” National Review, 53 no. 19, October 1, 2001, 28–30.

“They run a button-up place.” York, “Leakproof?”

Bush speed golf. Elizabeth Bumiller, “Bush Makes Quick Work of Relaxing,” New York Times August 5, 2002, A10.

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