Bush Lessons

  1. Don’t try the same touch with everyone. Find the approach that works best for each key player.

  2. To avoid groupthink, stimulate internal discussion and debate. Not knowing what you don’t think to ask can sometimes pose the biggest risks.

  3. Loyal, experienced team members aren’t enough. Matching their skills and style to the job to be done is just as important as it is for the leader.

  4. Being decisive is critical, but sharp decisions don’t fit every problem. Good leaders know how to balance hard and soft approaches to achieve success.

  5. Internal debate is healthy and essential. It can even help distance the leader from the fallout of tough decisions. But never let anyone forget who makes—and owns—the big decisions.

  6. Make room on the team for those who, at first blush, may not seem to fit. They could become critical allies—or dangerous enemies.

  7. Maintain discipline on message and strategy—but don’t sacrifice the chance to broaden support for the plan.

Team Bush. Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House
Annals of Cases on Information Technology (v. 5)
ISBN: 71416331
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 114

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