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How deep or rich a color is. Saturation is one of the three ways to describe a color.

See also [brightness]
See also [hue]


The ability of an application to adapt well to more capacity.


To resize as necessary.


A component part of a Timeline in a Flash file.


A technique to preview an animation by dragging the red current-frame marker back and forth in the Timeline.

shape tween

A utility used to create a fluid motion between two shapes.

See also [motion tween]

Smart Clip

The old name for components.

See also [component]

Sorenson Spark

A proprietary codec technology included in earlier Flash Players (and still supported in 8).

See also [On2 VP6]
See also [codec]


The large, white rectangle in the middle of the Flash workspace where a file is created. What is on the Stage is what the user will see when he or she plays your Flash file.


A single line of code in a script.

See also [ActionScript]
See also [expression]

static graphic

A graphic with no animation or interactivity. A static graphic is the computer-image equivalent of a photograph or a painting.

.swd file

A file that is created when you select Control, Debug Movie and that can be used for remote debugging.

.swf file

A Flash file meant only for distribution. It can be watched but not edited.


A graphic, movie clip, or button that is stored in the Library. No matter how many instances of a symbol are used, it has to download only once, and changes made to the master symbol are immediately reflected in all instances already used.

See also [Button symbol]
See also [Graphic symbol]
See also [Library]
See also [Library item]
See also [Movie Clip symbol]


The timing between an animation and a corresponding sound. You choose sync settings in the Properties panel when a keyframe containing a sound is selected.


Rules for writing ActionScript that are rather unforgiving.

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