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Generally, creating custom graphics and sounds will provide the closest match to the message you want to convey. However, plenty of sites contain clip media that you can use in your practice files.

Keep in mind that there really is "no free lunch." Some clip media that may appear free often aren't. Copyright laws are no joke either. If you are using any kind of artwork or sound in a movie that you make money creating, it's important that you pay for it. Often, the value an artist brings to a project will easily offset the cost. Sometimes the cheapest route is the one that appears most expensive.

Audio/Sound Sites

ACID is a loop-based music creation tool made by Sonic Foundry ( It frequently has remix contests where you can compete by combining samples by a particular artist that Sonic Foundry provides.


This is primarily a site with shareware software, and you'll also find clip sounds here.


This site offers WAV files and much more. It's a good place to find sound (WAV only) as well as miscellaneous effects.


Clip Art

This site offers a variety of cartoon-style bitmap clip art. It also offers tutorials on image optimization as well as free downloads.

Clip Art Connection

This is a site for free clip art.


GettyOne is an umbrella site that offers a host of sites from high-end (expensive) to low-end (cheap) image options. It's a powerful resource, but you can't legally get free images. Images are divided into royalty-free and licensed images. Keep in mind that royalty-free is not actually free it means that you pay only once; in contrast, with a licensed image, you have to pay every time you use it.


A site that is accessible from GettyOne, Photodisc is a searchable site that offers low-cost, low-resolution files.


The prices on this site seem very reasonable, and it's a very easy site to use.

Fonts and Miscellaneous


Emigre is a great source for fonts. Keep in mind that they're not free.


Here you'll find bitmap fonts that look great at small sizes. Make sure that you follow the directions explicitly; otherwise, you'll get antialiased (blurry) looking text.

Fonts for Flash (FFF)

This is another site where you'll find some great-looking small bitmap fonts.

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