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No matter how well you structure your data, you can always find a better way. In this chapter, you saw several ways to use arrays and generic objects together and by themselves . You also saw several ways to loop through all the contents so that you can present just the information you want. Making an adaptable structure means that you can make changes to the presentation without affecting the underlying code.

You learned the following main skills in this chapter:

  • How to analyze and design a structure for data using arrays or objects or arrays full of objects (really how to structure data any way you like it)

  • How to parse through or sort the data

  • The start to a slide-show app that lets the user build a list that you maintain using arrays, objects, and even presenting it onscreen

Having a good handle on organizing your data will make the next chapter on presenting data much easier for you. In this chapter, you rarely "saw" anything unless you popped open the debugger or did a trace() . The next chapter takes your data and look at ways to present it to the user.

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