Understanding the Resources Tab


Resources are the people and things that will do the work on your project. This tab of the Task Information dialog lets you see the resources that are assigned to the task, and also allows you to add new assignments or edit the existing assignments. This section will cover the tasks involved with creating new assignments for the task.

graphics/one_icon.jpg This grid shows all the resources that are assigned to the task whose name is in the Name field.

graphics/two_icon.jpg You can select any resource on the project from the drop-down list in the Resource Name field.

graphics/three_icon.jpg The Units field shows the percentage of the resource's full working time that is assigned to this task. Make sure you edit this field after creating a new assignment.

graphics/four_icon.jpg You add a new resource assignment by selecting a blank row and then picking a resource from the drop-down list.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click OK to create the new assignment.


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