Using the Update Tasks Dialog


If you are using Percent Complete to update your task status, you might want to use the Update Tasks dialog. This dialog contains the fields you need to update to properly use Percent Complete as your status update method.

Understanding the Update Tasks Dialog

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the Update Tasks toolbar button on the Tracking toolbar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter your Percent Complete value here.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Enter a value for the Actual Duration field that has been used on this task so far, if you so desire .

graphics/four_icon.jpg Edit the Remaining Duration if you have an estimate for how much longer the task will take AFTER the Actual Duration value you just entered is taken into account.

graphics/five_icon.jpg You can also enter the Actual Start and or Actual Finish values for the task.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Click OK when you are finished editing the fields.


For Your Information

Advantages of the Update Tasks Dialog

One advantage to using this dialog is that none of the edits to the fields are applied to the task until you click OK. Editing these fields in the table can cause some confusion because Project will recalculate some fields as you enter values. The "all at once" way in which this dialog edits the fields is more predictable for new users.

Updating Status Using the Update Tasks Dialog

graphics/one_icon.jpg Select the task you want to update.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the Update Tasks button on the Tracking toolbar.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Enter the Percent Complete value for this task.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter an Actual Duration value.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Enter a Remaining Duration value.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Enter an Actual Start value.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Enter an Actual Finish value.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Click OK.


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