Working with Tables


Tables are the "grids" that make up the left side of Gantt Chart views, Usage views, and the entire Resource Sheet view. They are the part of Project that looks familiar if you have used Excel or other spreadsheet applications. We have already looked at some quick, "in the view" methods for inserting, hiding, and moving fields within tables. We will now look at how to create new tables, as well as how to edit and apply them to existing views.

Creating a New Table

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click View, Table, More Tables.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select Task to create a task table, or Resource to create a resource table.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click the New button.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter a name for your table.

graphics/five_icon.jpg The Show In Menu check box controls whether the table should appear in the View, Table menu.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Click into the top row of the Field Name column and select the first field for your table.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Define the alignment of the data to be shown in the field.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Enter a width for the field.

graphics/nine_icon.jpg Enter a title for the field if you want the title to be different from the field name.

graphics/ten_icon.jpg Select an alignment and a header wrapping option.

graphics/eleven_icon.jpg Select a date format for the table.

graphics/tweleve_icon.jpg Select a row height for the table.

graphics/thirteen_icon.jpg The Lock First Column check box controls whether the first row can be used to select entire rows.

graphics/fourteen_icon.jpg The Auto-Adjust Header Row Heights check box automatically allows the header row height to grow based on the wrapping of the header titles.


For Your Information

Field Layout

The top-to-bottom listing of fields in the Table Definition dialog equates to the left-to-right listing of fields in the view. The field below a given field in the dialog is the field that appears to the given field's right as seen in the view.

Applying a New Table to an Existing View

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the View, Table menu to show the list of tables.

graphics/two_icon.jpg If the table you want to apply is shown in the menu, select it and it will be applied.

graphics/three_icon.jpg If the table you want to apply is not shown, select More Tables.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Find and select the table you want to apply.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click Apply.


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