Sorting Value Lists


Users must be able to easily find the values in the list to get the maximum benefit from using value lists to aid data entry. This is especially important for value lists that contain large numbers of values. This section shows you how to define how the entries in a value list are sorted when a user sees them.

Defining a Sort for the Value List

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click Tools, Customize, Fields from the menu bar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select the field for which you want to define a list and click the Value List button.

graphics/three_icon.jpg The list will be displayed in the order it is entered in the grid above by default.

graphics/four_icon.jpg To have the list sorted in ascending order, select the Sort Ascending option.

graphics/five_icon.jpg To have the list sorted in descending order, select the Sort Descending option.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Click OK to close the Value List dialog box.


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