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Which of the following can be used to describe the functionality provided by patches? Select all answers that fit the description of a patch.

  1. Provide updates to the core operating system to enable newly available hardware.

  2. Provide useful utilities not published when the core operating system was originally developed.

  3. Improve the performance of key operating system software modules.

  4. Fix defects in the operating system.


After installing HP-UX from the default installation media, there may be some patches loaded on the system along with the Core operating system. After an installation, it is a good idea to load the most recently available patch bundles from the Support Plus media. True or False?


To use the ITRC patch download facility, you need to purchase a software support contract. True or False?


Which of the following commands will specifically list only the patches installed on a system or located in a software depot?

  1. swlist “l patch “s /software/patches

  2. swlist “l product PH*

  3. swlist “l product *,c=patch

  4. swlist “l product “a is_patch “s /depot/patches


A committed patch cannot be removed directly from the system. True or False?

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HP-UX CSE(c) Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
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