Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 provides an easy and efficient way to track and organize all the information that lands on your desk. You can use Outlook tools for your personal information management needs. With Outlook, you can organize and manage your day-to-day information, from e-mail and calendars to contacts and tasks . It's easy to share information with others, and organize and view your schedule and communications in one place.

Using the Calendar feature, you can manage your time by doing much more than circling dates. Among its many features, the Outlook Calendar lets you schedule Appointments (dates that are noted with data referring to that day's activity and do not require attendance by other individuals) and Events (an appointment that lasts 24 hours or more). Outlook also allows you to share your calendar with others. In Outlook, you view the schedules of your coworkers before you schedule meetings or appointments so that you can determine when all the people in your group are free at the same time.

You can use Outlook to create a to-do list and assign the items on the list to others as need from Tasks. Rather then cluttering your desk or obscuring your computer with sticky pad notes, use Notes to jot down your immediate thoughts, ideas, and other observations. With everything related to your work in one place, you can always locate what you need ”files, notes for a project, or even the time of a phone call with a certain contact. Just check the Journal timeline to find it. To help organize and locate information, Outlook allows you to group, sort , and filter items.

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Show Me Microsoft Office 2003
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